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Project Description

Green Creek Winery

413 Gilbert Rd, Columbus, NC 28722



Green Creek Winery was started in 2005 by Alvin Pack, an 8th-generation native of Polk County, where his family has been farming land since the 1700s. Green Creek Winery was the first in the world to produce the revolutionary Chardonnay Rosso in 2007. Make sure to ask about the delectable wine-inspired food available nowhere else.

We believe wine is an essential part of gracious living and that Green Creek wine is here to enhance the experience of every meal and social gathering. Whether you’re just visiting the wonderful Green Creek community or live here in this wonderful part of Western North Carolina, we invite you and your friends to come by the winery and taste what we have to offer.

We plan on continuing to produce and sell the best wine we can. Being surrounded by so many other wonderful wineries has been a blessing for us as we see new visitors everyday from every part of the country and even parts of Europe like Italy and Spain. Everyone is welcome to the Green Creek Winery so come try our wines and have a bite to eat while you enjoy the scenic view.